November 2018

We are just finishing the Fishing Card for 2019 and it will be ready first week of December so fishermen can add it to their gift list for the holidays.

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July 2018

Lake Þingvallavatn has been great this season and fishermen been fishing very nice chars. Much better season than last two years. Fisherman Jakob Sindri had amazing day there yesterday when he catched a 87cm brown trout among with 55cm char.

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Sigurður Karlsson visited Hraunfjordur this morning.  The arctic char was quite active and Sigurdur got about 17 nice arctic chars on a dark and red nymph called Krókur.

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May 2018

Simen Prestaasen and Frithjof Hald are Norwegian fishemen that likes to travel and fish. The went to lake Thingvallavatn yestarday in the National Park area. The weather was not kind to them but they managed.

They got one big brown trout each of them and that on the Norwegian independence day that was yesterday 17th of May.

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April 2018
Meðalfellsvatn will be included in the Fishing Card 2018!
Veiðikortið has agreement with landowners of Meðalfellsvatn that allow cardholders of the Fishing Card 2018 to fish in the lake again.
In addition to this there will be no other season card available for the lake other than the Fishing Card.
The lake will open for fishermen first day of summer, that is upcoming 19th of April, next week! 
We are sure that many fishermen will be happy about this arrangement, since the lake has been quite popular recent years. 
Please note that fishing rules for Meðalfellsvatn will only be accessible on our website, since the brochure has already been printed.
Best regards and enjoy fishing in Meðalfellsvatn upcoming summer!
Tight lines,
Veiðikortið / Fishing Card.
January 2018

If you are travelling to Iceland in the upcoming summer it is great to pre-organize in time accommidation accordingly. There can be difficult and more expensive to rent a hotel room at last minute deal. 

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