March 2020

The Fishing Season of 2020 formally starts tomorrow.  Vifilsstadavatn is a popular lake to start the fishing season. Other popular lakes are i.g. Hraunfjordur that is close to Stykkisholmur and Grundarfjordur.

It will be possible to fish tomorrow, at least part of the lakes that are not covered with ice.

Here is a list of opening dates for the lakes


Hraunsfjörður today.  @Bjarni Júlíusson 


Picture from Vifilsstadavatn 1st apríl 2017. 


Happy fishing season




In only three weeks the fishing season begins formally here in Iceland.  There are some lakes that will open then but other later in april and May.  Some exceptions are with lakes in the highland that might open in june because the roads can be muddy early summer.

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